Friday, June 24, 2011

Event by David Lynn Golemon

Event by David Lynn Golemon

Aliens are making a comeback (Super 8, Area 51) so what better time to read a thrilling new take on the Roswell incident?  In Event, a clandestine government agency known fittingly enough as the Event Group, is on high alert after two Navy planes are destroyed.  The one survivor of the incident swears his plane was bumped by a failing flying saucer. 

The Event Group caught the whole thing from their spy satellite and is now racing to recover the fallen spacecraft.  The Group knows something we don’t.  Back in 1947 one of the aliens survived long enough to pass on a message.  There is something coming that we are not prepared to fight.  Something that may have survived this new wreck.  And it’s going to be hungry…  

I’m a big fan of adventure books that take historical fact and twist it around to make a “cool legends come to life and the world may end” storyline.  Usually the history is a bit more historical (Excalibur, Atlantis, etc.) so it was neat to read about a recent event like Roswell.  Plus, who doesn’t love little green men?

This is now the second Event Group book I’ve read (Legend being the first I read, but the second in the series) and I’m looking forward to reading more.