Friday, February 20, 2015

Lives in Ruins: Archaeologist and the Seductive Lure of Human Rubble by Marilyn Johnson

Did you ever want to be Indiana Jones?  Would you like to learn to survive in the wild like ancient man?  Do pyramids, obelisks and ancient cities give you goose bumps?  Then this is a must for your reading list.

Johnson talks to a wide variety of archaeologists to learn what their days are like and the challenges of the profession.  Most of the stories are inspiring, some are bewildering and some are just sad knowing that the money to preserve our history has all but disappeared. 

This is a profession I’m sure many thought about pursuing at one time or another and many more may decide to pursue.  If you know anyone thinking about entering this field this is a must read.  It is an eye opening look at the amount of extremely qualified professionals who cannot find work while more and more graduates are vying for the same positions.  Simply put, there are not enough jobs for everyone.  If you still decide to pursue a career in archaeology it better be something you are passionate about because so many of the subjects Johnson interviews are living hand to mouth, but they love their jobs so they see it as an acceptable trade off.

An enjoyable pick on audio, the reader has a nice calm voice that is also engaging.