Thursday, August 20, 2015

Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper by Hilary Liftin

Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper by Hilary Liftin

Lizzie Pepper is looking for a new part: something that will help jumpstart her career.  Instead, she meets her future husband, gorgeous, unbelievably successful and older Rob Mars.  Rob sweeps her off her feet and their whirlwind romance soon sees Lizzie pregnant and married.  Lizzie is completely in love with Rob, and starts to enjoy the secretive meditative practice he is heavily involved in, One Cell, and the friends she makes there.  Over time she begins to worry about One Cell and their activities.  Can Lizzie find a way out for her and her boys with help from her family and friends?

It’s impossible to overlook the Katie Homes and Tom Cruise vibe here.  I didn’t really follow their whole relationship and break-up, but no one could miss the broad strokes, and this book follows their arc. 

Getting the behind the scenes looks with Lizzie, since the book is told from her point of view, is a guilty pleasure – the life of luxury she leads is so over the top – but so stifling as well.  Her privacy, her freedom, has been taken from her and her boys.  I was hoping she would end her relationship, not just to get away from the cultish One Cell organization, but so she could regain some normalcy for her life.

The author was the ghostwriter of many celebrity memoirs, including those about Tori Spelling and Miley Cyrus, so if anyone would be able to accurately craft the life of a paparazzi hounded star she would be the one to write it.