Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Almost Interesting: the Memoir by David Spade

Reviewed by Laura the Libraian

David Spade showcases his trademark biting humor in this memoir that covers his childhood growing up in Arizona, the fraternity years at Arizona State University, his start in comedy and his breakthrough when he gets cast on Saturday Night Live. 

There's plenty of amusing anecdotes about his tumultous time at Saturday Night Live, including a rivalry with Rob Schneider, friendships with fellow up and comers Chris Rock and Adam Sandler and his infamous run-in with Eddie Murphy.  He also delves into his friendship/partnership with Chris Farley. Disappointingly, he does not discuss his many famous relationships with such celebrities as Lara Flynn Boyle, Heather Locklear, Julie Bowen and others.

Spade certainly has had a colorful life and never adopts a warm and fuzzy tone -- it's self-deprecation all the way.