Friday, May 6, 2016

Phoenix (Foreign Drama - German)

Phoenix (Foreign Drama - German)

Nelly a survivor of a concentration camp, horribly injured to a shot to the face, undergoes reconstructive surgery.  She looks similar to her former self, but definitely not as she did before.  Her wish is to find her husband; thoughts of him kept her going in the camps.  But her friend and confidant, the only one who knows that she is alive, advises her against reuniting with him. 

Nelly does find her husband but since he doesn’t recognize her, but admits she looks similar to his dead wife, he offers her a place to stay in exchange for impersonating his dead wife so they can collect, and then split, her inheritance.  Could it be that Nelly’s husband is the one that revealed her hiding place to the Nazis?  Will she be able to find out without revealing her identity?

This is a very slowly building movie that is atmospheric and haunting.  The actress playing Nelly is amazing.  Her movements perfectly illustrate the pain and suffering she has, and continues, to endure.  Fans of psychological suspense and noir should give this one a try, but only on a dark, dreary night.  This is not a sunny movie.