Friday, August 12, 2016

Find Her by Lisa Gardner

Find Her by Lisa Gardner

Detective D.D. Warren is still on administrative leave after her injury on the job but she has a really hard time pushing paper and supervising from afar, especially with a case like this one.  
Flora Dane was kidnapped years ago and survived 472 days in a wooden box before her rescue.  She is a survivor and has made it her mission in life to never be a victim again.  When she is taken one night she uses all available resources to survive and escape; she is both victim and assailant.  

D.D. doesn’t know what to make of Flora: is she a survivor or a vigilante?  What happened the day her captor was killed?  What happened in those 472 days?  Flora told her story once to one person at the FBI, but has never answered any further questions.  When Flora goes missing again D.D. and her team will need to dig deep into Flora’s past to figure out who could have taken her and why and where she and possibly other missing girls may be before it’s too late.

Great edge of your seat suspense on audio.  While this book is part of a series, you can enjoy it fine as a standalone story.  It’s a hard read/listen, what was done to Flora when she was captive is horrific, but she is a survivor.  It really brings the ideas of trauma bonding and what events like this do to the victim in the long term as well as their families was really interesting to read about in this account.

This is not my first book by Gardner, and it surely won’t be my last.