Monday, November 25, 2013

History Decoded: The Ten Greatest Conspiracies of All Time by Brad Meltzer with Keith Ferrell

History Decoded: The Ten GreatestConspiracies of All Time by Brad Meltzer with Keith Ferrell

Did John Wilkes Booth really die in that barn?  Who was D.B. Cooper?  Where is the confederate gold?  These are only some of the conspiracies Meltzer rates as the world’s top ten and attempts to “decode” – find out the truth behind the mystery.  Some are to be expected: is there any gold in Fort Knox?  What’s in Area 51?  Who killed JFK?  And some are really strange: who created the Georgia Guidestones?  If you, like me, didn’t know what they were look them up quick.  It is fascinating stuff just ripe for a few conspiracy theories.

I couldn’t understand why this audiobook sounded odd at first and then I realized that facts were being repeated as if after a commercial break.  That’s when I looked at the package more closely and realized that this is a tie-in with a History Channel program.  Still a really fun, quick listen that would appeal to almost everyone – there has to be at least one conspiracy the author picks that would be a favorite for any listener.