Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Wave (Foreign Action Film – Norwegian)

The Wave (Foreign Action Film – Norwegian)

The small city of Geiranger lies at the end of a fjord in a picturesque yet dangerous location.  If the closely monitored, highly unstable, rock face on a mountain down the fjord was to break away it would trigger an eighty foot tsunami to rush towards the city.  To protect the city there are people who constantly monitor the situation with sensors and other technology. 

Geologist Kristian just resigned from his job and is planning on moving his family to a large city to work for an oil company.  The day before he is supposed to leave the sensors are picking up some strange readings.  His former co-workers think it’s nothing but Kristian is afraid that disaster could be about to strike.

The name of the movie is “The Wave” so I don’t think I’ll be giving anything away letting you know that the tsunami does happen.  This is a great action movie that completely stressed me out.  I kept getting off the couch and pacing and jumping up and down during the nail biting suspenseful parts.

What freaked me out the most?  This movie was based on something that could actually happen.  There is a mountainside in Norway being monitored right this minute…