Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Murder Past Due by Miranda James

Murder Past Due by Miranda James

Librarians, writers, small southern towns and huge cats – what else could you want in a mystery?! 

A famous thriller writer, Godfrey Priest, returns to his hometown of Athena, Mississippi and doesn’t show up for the banquet the local college is hosting in his honor.  The college librarian/archivist, Charlie, who went to school with Godfrey, knows his former classmate would never pass up a second in the spotlight.  Charlie finds Godfrey murdered in his hotel room and knows that the suspect list is quite long.  Godfrey wasn’t exactly a likeable guy and there are plenty of people in this small town who wouldn’t mind never having to see him again.

I must admit, I’m not a fan of cat and dog mysteries when the humans aren’t smart enough to figure anything out and rely on their furry companions to think for them.  Granted, my cat was a genius at being a cat, but I’d like to think I’m smarter at figuring out puzzles than he was.  That said, in this book Diesel the Maine coon is a real sounding cat, he’s there to provide companionship and snuggles when characters are feeling down – a crucial cat skill.  (The sequel, Classified as Murder, is out now!)

Want to join our Mysterious Mornings program?  Just read some mysteries!  If it’s a mystery and it features a main character that is not human, then it fits this month’s sub-genre.  Just keep in mind how the main character's species affects the unfolding of the mystery because that’ll be a major talking point at our discussion next week.

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Dogs and Cats Solving Mysteries Together
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